Thursday, 21 March 2013



Everyone performing in the show will need to come along to the studio on Sunday. Please wear all black (short sleeved tops - no vest tops - leggings or joggers - black shoes or black socks) with hair tied back.

The order of the photos will be as follows:

1. Whole School
2. Camp Hill Class
3. Danii's Thursday Ballet & Tap Classes
4. Chloe's Thursday Street Class
5. George Eliot School Class
6. Sarah's Tots
6. Sarah's Street
7. Sarah's Latin
8. Sarah's Modern
9. Sarah's Theatre
10. Strictly Dance Dolls

Parents will need to sign a form when they come in to say that the children can be photographed and recorded (for the show night) please also check the spelling of your child's name as this is how it will appear in the programme. Parents will then need to wait on the gymnastics balcony whilst the photos are being taken (please remember to take your shoes off before entering the gym) We will try and get this all done as soon as possible so you should not be waiting very long.

If you have any questions or cannot make it Sunday please get in touch we me asap.

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